Big Blocks

No. Ref Description Unit Price Notes Pics
1 RF57FB Ronstan 57mm Footblock £75.00 Very similar to Harken's H1963, high load, fantastic quality, new Click to Enlarge
1 H6069 Harken 57mm SS ESP Mast Collar Block £149.99 New, unused, Stainless Steel.'Bling' for your yacht. RRP is £250.98 Click to Enlarge
1 H1957 57mm 'Black Magic' Stand Up £125.00 Low Load (750kg SWL!). Unused but with a few storage marks Click to Enlarge
1 H1965 Harken 57mm 'Black Magic' Stand Up £165.00 High Load. Not on card but unused and perfect Click to Enlarge
1 H1984 Harken 44mm Cross Over Block £99.00 New in pack, allen key etc. Re-routing of control lines/halyards to winch. RRP £169.49 Click to Enlarge
1 H005 Harken 3 inch Racing Single £37.50 Classic, strong, with swivel, max 12mm line Click to Enlarge
1 H2661 75mm Carbo Single/Bkt £50.00 High load but lightweight with becket. New on card Click to Enlarge
1 H2662_SH 75mm Carbo Double £99.00 This 75mm block has been on a boat but hardly used. The shackle is slightly tarnished but the block itself is unblemished Click to Enlarge
1 H2672 75mm Carbo Ratchet Cheek £52.50 Switchable cheek ratchet with fixings, 12mm line Click to Enlarge
1 H009 3 inch single Hexaratchet £67.50 75mm version of switchable ratchet, up to 12mm line, starboard Click to Enlarge
1 HFidHex 3 inch Fiddle with Hexaratchet £62.50 New, not on card, and not in Harken catalogue! Click to Enlarge
1 H411? Harken 3 inch triple hexaratchet with 150 cleat £150.00 Iím pretty sure this is the low-profile triple model H411 but there are no obvious product numbers on it. Itís not got any packaging but is unused Click to Enlarge
1 RF55110 Ronstan Series 55 Orbit Single with integral becket £27.50 10mm line, swivel head, working load 500kg, £10 off RRP! Click to Enlarge
1 RF55310 Ronstan Series 55 Orbit Triple BB £50.00 Swivel Head, integral becket, new and under half price Click to Enlarge
1 RF62110 Series 60 Ratchet, Single with becket £55.00 Switchable ratchet with 14:1 holding power Click to Enlarge
4 H1522 Harken Mid-Range End Stops £10.00 Suits 1602, 1616/17 & 18 track, sold in pairs, brand new Click to Enlarge