New - Ronstan

All new and on their card unless specified, see pictures
No. Ref Description Unit Price Notes Pics
4 RF20111 20mm B/B single with becket 9.99 Loop top, ideal for extra purchase on control lines, 250kg working load Click to Enlarge
1 RF896HL 28mm Doublek 25.00 High Load double for rope or wire. suits up to 8mm line Click to Enlarge
3 RF1012 28mm B/B Double Exit Block 19.50 Ball bearing races suits 6mm lines Click to Enlarge
1 RF897 28mm Ball Bearing Double with becket 22.50 High quality block, technically this is used, but absolutely perfect Click to Enlarge
1 RF40212 Series 40mm B/B Double & Bkt 38.00 Adjustable head post, 0 or 90 degrees, 10mm max line Click to Enlarge
1 RF40212A Series 40mm B/B Double & Bkt 36.50 Same as above, just not on card, new Click to Enlarge
1 RF40310 40mm Ball Bearing Triple with becket 47.50 Very high quality, suits up to 10mm rope Click to Enlarge
1 RF40500 40mm Fiddle B/B Block 25.00 Clever universal fixed/swivel head, up to 8mm rope, 15+ under RRP Click to Enlarge
5 RF40/30Bkt Linked 40mm & 30mm Ball Bearing with becket 20.00 Looped top blocks, similar to RF40285 but 30mm block has becket Click to Enlarge
2 RF42110 Series 40 Smart Ratchet with becket 42.50 Neat and compact, suits up to 10mm line. Click to Enlarge
1 RF50210 Series 50 Double with becket 45.00 Max 12mm line, high load BB blocks Click to Enlarge
1 RF55110 Series 55 Orbit Single with integral becket 29.99 10mm line, swivel head, working load 500kg, 10 off RRP! Click to Enlarge
1 RF55211 Series 55 Orbit Double & Bkt 49.99 10mm line, dyneema link head, working load 800kg Click to Enlarge
1 RF57FB Ronstan 57mm Footblock 75.00 Very similar to Harken's H1963, high load, fantastic quality, new Click to Enlarge
1 RF1730 57mm Switchable Ratchet with Jammer 65.00 Adjustable sheeting angle and becket. New, unused but not on card Click to Enlarge
1 RF62110 Series 60 Ratchet, Single with becket 95.00 Switchable ratchet with 14:1 holding power Click to Enlarge
1 RF341 Simple V-Jam Cleat 10.00 Single with becket, plain block and removable pin Click to Enlarge