New - Holt Allen

All new and unused but loose, not on cards. Check the notes...
No. Ref Description Unit Price Notes Pics
5 HT5466 Large Swivel Lead with Composite Cleat 35.00 Brand new, suits up to 10mm line Click to Enlarge
1 HA2021SC 20mm Dynamic Single with Swivel 12.00 Only one left in stock Click to Enlarge
1 HT2028 20mm Dynamic Back-to-Back 12.50 Halyard take-ups, travelers, 1:2 purchase, up to 6mm line Click to Enlarge
2 HA4978 27mm Flip-Flop 15.00 B/B block, use in pump-action spinny systems Click to Enlarge
2 HA4756 27mm BB Fiddle 15.00 New, ball-race, 6-8mm rope, 27/20mm sheaves, swivel Click to Enlarge
1 HA4101 Holt 27mm Upstanding Block 12.50 New, ball-race, max line 8mm Click to Enlarge
3 HA4701S 27mm Thru-Deck Double 12.50 New, ball-race, not on card, max 8mm line Click to Enlarge
3 HA4701SC 27mm Thru-Deck Double 14.00 New, ball-race, new on card Click to Enlarge
1 HASngL 27mm Single with becket 6.50 New, ball-race, loop top with alternative fixing Click to Enlarge
1 HA4380SC 27mm Single / Becket/ Swivel 10.00 Ball race, on card, great value Click to Enlarge
6 HA2032 30mm Dynamic Double 19.99 Double, simple loop-top block. Max 10mm rope Click to Enlarge
5 HA2033 30mm Dynamic Double with becket 19.99 New on card. Max 10mm rope Click to Enlarge
8 HA2035 30mm Dynamic Triple with becket 25.00 As above but includes becket. Max 10mm rope Click to Enlarge
1 HA_LNK Linked loop ball bearing blocks 40mm/27mm 12.50 New, unused but not on card. Max 10mm/8mm line Click to Enlarge
2 HA4068 16mm Optimist Sprit block 18.00 Ball-bearing 2-4mm line, break load 400kg! Click to Enlarge
1 HA4496 38mm Double,High Tension Wire Block 30.00 Suitable for up to 5mm wire/line Click to Enlarge
1 HA4696 38mm Triple,High Tension Wire Block 25.00 Note that this is a used block but in v. good condition Click to Enlarge
2 HA4266 Wire swivelbase Centre Jammer with HA4621 Autoratchet 95.00 New, in packet, pre-assembled Click to Enlarge
3 HA4922A 39mm Autoratchet with cleat & becket 52.50 Compact, trigger load 13kg Click to Enlarge
1 HA4921F 52mm Autoratchet with cleat & becket 57.50 10mm version, almost 30 off RRP Click to Enlarge
2 HA4770 Small Roller Fairlead with HA77 cleat 20.00 Features small alloy cleat with fixings, superb value, new in packet Click to Enlarge
2 HT91182 Pro-Lead Front Fairlead 5.99 Stainless lined fairlead for small cleats, 27mm centres Click to Enlarge
5 HT91186 Pro-Lead Front Fairlead 11.99 Stainless lined fairlead for Holt's LARGE cleats, 38mm centres Click to Enlarge
10 HT91126 Laser Mast Base Plug 3.99 Replacement plug for lower mast of standard laser Click to Enlarge
2 HT91108 Kicker Key 3.49 Straight kicker/vang key Click to Enlarge
2 HT91104 Laser Gooseneck 14.00 Replacement stainless gooseneck Click to Enlarge
1 HA4260 Highfield Lever 29.99 Brand new with backing plate, pretty much universal across range of classic dinghies Click to Enlarge