Cleats - Harken

New...and used as described
No. Ref Description Unit Price Notes Pics
2 H280 Offshore Cam-Matic Cleat 47.50 New, unused, suits 6-16mm line, quality cleat Click to Enlarge
2 H150 Cam-Matic Cleat 30.00 New and unused on swivelling fairlead plate with eyestrap Click to Enlarge
1 H365 Carbo Cleat 19.50 Large carbo cam cleat, new on card Click to Enlarge
2 H425 Flairlead 3.50 Used but excl condition. Fibre reinforced with stainless wearguards (suits H150/365) Click to Enlarge
1 H295 Flat Riser 5.00 Gives 16mm height to H150/365 cleats Click to Enlarge

Cleats - Ronstan

All new and on their card unless specified
No. Ref Description Unit Price Notes Pics
1 RF5415 Front Fairlead for medium cleat 3.50 Used but unmarked Click to Enlarge

Cleats - Holt Allen

All new, but loose not on cards
No. Ref Description Unit Price Notes Pics
2 HA4770 Small Roller Fairlead with HA77 cleat 20.00 Features small alloy cleat with fixings, superb value, new in packet Click to Enlarge
2 HT91182 Pro-Lead Front Fairlead 5.99 Stainless lined fairlead for small cleats, 27mm centres Click to Enlarge
5 HT91186 Pro-Lead Front Fairlead 11.99 Stainless lined fairlead for Holt's LARGE cleats, 38mm centres Click to Enlarge

Cleats - Other

New, in their packaging
No. Ref Description Unit Price Notes Pics
7 CL234 Clamcleat Large Loop 4.00 Quick release for suspending fenders etc. These are used but jaws unmarked Click to Enlarge
4 CL815 Clamcleat Keeper 2.00 For Junior Mk 2. Simple yet fiendishly clever, multi-award winner Click to Enlarge